Philips LED Technology Helps Shine Light on Bay Bridge as Sustainable Art

Public-private partnership between Illuminate the Arts, CalTrans & artist Leo Villareal turns bridge into The Bay Lights sculpture: 4.5 miles of LED supported by solar; spurs local economy

The Bay Lights, the new LED lighting system for the Bay Bridge, developed by Philips Color Kinetics, is now live. Fulfilling the brainchild of Ben Davis, chairman of Illuminate the Arts (ITA) and the vision of acclaimed artist Leo Villareal, the bridge is now a one-of-a-kind lighted sculpture for the next two years. Installed with the support of the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), the bridge is expected to be viewed by over 50 million people and bring nearly 100 million in revenue to the local San Francisco economy. The new LED lighting system uses 85 percent less energy than traditional lighting technologies, energy that will be offset by dedicated solar panels set up in Davis, CA by CleanPath.

Villareal, a pioneer in the use of LED lights and computer driven imagery, used Philips Color Kinetics eW Flex SLX individually controllable LED nodes in 4200 Kelvin correlated color temperature, installing almost 4.5 miles of product. The lighting will be viewable from San Francisco and points north, but not by drivers crossing the bridge.

Turning the bridge into a monumental light sculpture is a unique application of LED lighting technology that sets the Bay Bridge apart. Complex algorithms and patterns across the bridge’s western span dynamically recombine, transforming the bridge into a living piece of art, which organizers believe to be the world’s largest LED light sculpture.

B-roll to include: Bay Lights unveiling event, speakers, crowd, views of the lightshow, installation footage of LED lighting system, establishing shots of the bridge during the day.

Soundbites to include: Leo Villareal, Artist, Ben Davis, Chairman, Illuminate the Arts. Amy Critchett, Executive Producer, The Bay Lights, Executive Director, Illuminate the Arts, Phil O'Donnell, Senior Director, Philips Lighting Systems – Americas, possible MOS.


Silvie Casanova
Philips Electronics North America

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